Offering protection for you and your family

About Our Services

OUR GOAL IS to provide you with professional services, current and comprehensive educational information from reliable internet resources such as the National Center for Disease Control to obtain facts that allow you to protect you and your family against vector-borne diseases including Lyme disease, Babesia, Ehrlichiosis, EEE, West Nile Virus and others. 

WE WANT YOU to be able to identify ticks, understand how you can protect yourself using common sense guidelines and decide how our services will be beneficial to you.

OUR TICK & MOSQUITO SPRAY PROGRAMS correspond with the four peak periods in which various stages of deer ticks appear in Maine. Our four spray tick program targets adults in mid April, nymphs in mid June, larvae in early August, and adults again in September and October. Our spray program targets these specific stages of tick development and is the most immediate & effective tick control method. Our mosquito treatment program begins in mid May and will significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property for up to three weeks per application.

PARTY SPRAY Planning an outdoor graduation reception, a birthday party, a family gathering or summer reunion? Our one time party spray will significantly reduce the number of ticks, mosquitoes and other insects invited to your function, making for a safer and more enjoyable gathering.

Our Process


We will visit your property, provide a complete site review and analysis of how we can help you. We will also make suggestions and recommendations for you to reduce the tick population on your property by reducing their favored habitat and places to hide.


Based on our site evaluation we will provide a detailed proposal to explain what we will do to provide you with a program to reduce the active tick population on your property and a sketch of the areas of your property where we recommend treatment.


Upon your acceptance of our contract we will make regularly scheduled visits to your property and provide the services that we have agreed upon to reduce the tick population on your property.


We will periodically review with you the results of our ongoing program to be assured that the frequency of our treatments are effective for your needs.

About Paul McFarland

Owner of Tick Talk Maine

Paul McFarland was born in Camden, Maine and has lived in the Camden/Rockport area his entire life. An avid fisherman and outdoorsman, Paul will personally oversee all aspects of the site evaluation, recommendations and the actual application of treatments to your property.

In fact, it is his love of the outdoors that sparked his initial interest in starting this business after recognizing that so many of his friends, family and close associates—and their pets—had been stricken with tick-born illnesses. His research into how to get rid of ticks made him realize that eradicating ticks was virtually impossible, it was possible to drastically reduce their numbers using the right techniques. Paul is certified by the State of Maine Board of Pesticides Control after extensive study and passing a rigorous series of exams as well as the oral board exam. His goal for his business is to help people enjoy their time outdoors by drastically reducing the number of ticks on their property. His studies and training will allow him to apply treatments that are safe for use around people, pets and plants, while detrimental to the tick population.